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city Luton

I have been knitting for many years and I am very fond of various knitting techniques. Having decided to learn the technique of the Orenburg craftswomen I ordered for myself a genuine Orenburg shawl from the specialist online-shop http://rus-shawl.com/. The choice of patterns is enormous, and the decoration is wonderful. Next month I plan to look for some others in the shop.


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Sabina Rosenberg
city London

I live in Marcel and work in a culturalcentre. I am very interested in the history of Russian dress.Browsing the web I saw photos of gorgeous Orenburg shawls. Since I prefer original things, I decided to buy a shawl from the manufacturer. The specialist online-shophttp://rus-shawl.com/helped me a lot. The prices of the items are low, plus they offer favorable termsfor delivery and payment. I ordered a shawl and two scarves, and I am very pleased with them.


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Natasha Dubua
city Flagstaff

I've always liked a Russian song about “the Orenburg downy shawl”. I became curious to know what was so special about these shawls. I found this online-shop website– http://rus-shawl.com/ and gasped with delight! What a wonderful assortment! I ordered a white Orenburg shawl and a very beautiful scarf. It was delivered fast, and I was very pleased with the quality. In the future I plan to order some more items, too.


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Agnesse Koch
city Los Angeles

Many years ago my grandmother gave me an Orenburg downy shawl. Over time it got worn out, and since I have been living in Spain for a long time I couldn't find anywhere to buy a new one. Then, by chance, I came across the online-shop website http://rus-shawl.com/ sellingpalatines and shawls, and it was more than my eyes could take in. I spent a lot of time selecting, andI ended up buyingone item from each section of the catalogue. The order was delivered fast, the quality is excellent and the prices are low. I can, with pleasure, recommend this shop to everyone.


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Steve Tyschinsky
city Leeds

I have always preferred beautiful and original things. On the Internet I found http://rus-shawl.com/ – it's the online-store of Orenburg and PavlovskyPosad shawls. There are lots of gorgeous handmade items! I bought two Orenburg shawls, one palatine and a scarf with a fringe. They were delivered quite quickly, and the quality is excellent.


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Piter Krauch
city Edinburgh

My mother has been dreaming of visiting Russia, the motherland of her ancestors, for many years, but she hasn't yet had the chance. So I try to present her with Russian style gifts. I boughttwo items from the online-shop at the same time:an Orenburg shawl and a PavlovskyPosad silk palatine with roses. The shop is very convenient to use: they have a wide range of shawls at affordable prices and the delivery is very quick, too.


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Margaret Risch
city Los Angeles

I was looking for an anniversary present for my wife. I wanted to surprise her with an original palatine or shawl. I found what I was looking for on the website of theonline shawl shop – http://rus-shawl.com/. I ordered a design ofPavlovskyPosad shawl called “Otkroveniye”. It was deliveredon the eve of our wedding anniversary. My wife is really pleased with it!


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Greta Roubach
city Liverpool

I am collecting palatines and shawls.When I travel, I particularlylike to buy ethnic souvenirs. I bought my PavlovskyPosad palatine and Orenburg shawl in the online-shop http://rus-shawl.com/. They look very beautiful! I was also pleased withthe great service.


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Adel Schultz
city London

I always bring gifts from my travels for my mother and friends. This year I visited Moscow, but didn't have enough time to buy a souvenir.But the online-shop of Orenburg and PavlovskyPosad shawls http://rus-shawl.com/came to my help. I was very pleased with the wide range, as well as with the prices of the shawls.I made my purchase online, and it was deliveredvery quickly. It's a charming Orenburg shawl, soft and downy! My mother was very pleased.


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