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Orenburg and Pavlovsky Posad shawls

Welcome to our online shop for Orenburg downy and Pavlovsky Posad shawls. Here you can buy genuine Orenburg and Pavlovsky Posad shawls. The product range here is updated regularly.

Orenburg shawls

We sell both hand knitted and factory-made Orenburg downy shawls from the “Orenshal” factory. You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality and range of products available. Before purchasing, we recommend that you read the article “How to choose an Orenburg shawl?"

Apart from Matryoshka dolls, Gzhel products and Tula samovars, Orenburg downy wool shawls are considered by many as silent symbols of Russia. Unique and beautiful, Orenburg shawls are an integral part of Russian traditions and ceremonies. The sophistication, subtlety and purity of nature itself, are reflected in such luxurious traditional crafts.

The Orenburg goats are bred exclusively in the Orenburg region. Attempts by the French to export Orenburg goats in the 19th century failed. In France, the goats regressed, becoming like normal goats with coats that were coarse and thick. In their natural surroundings the goats grow fine hair for conserving warmth, whereas the mild climate of France was not conducive to that. More information on the global recognition of the brand can be found in the article “National and international recognition of Orenburg shawls”.

Orenburg downy shawls: types and characteristics.

These warm downy shawls are thick and chunky knitted items with unique qualities. Being made of goat down they are normally grey, though sometimes white, and are square, with a patterned border.

Cotton and Lavsan thread provide the strength of these downy shawls. The central parts are generally plain and unpatterned. Such downy shawls can be used as headwear or wraps for every-day use.

Orenburg downy shawls can be made with a gossamer style - especially delicate, square openwork consisting of high quality fine down combined with foundation threads. Such gossamers usually incorporate beautiful complex patterns (curlicues), and their decoration will enhance any dress. Such gossamers are more spectacular than simple downy shawls, but they will not feel quite so warm.

Knitting Orenburg downy shawls

While some shawls are still hand-knitted in the Orenburg region, machine production is also used. This allows the inclusion of elements such as more complex patterns, or embroidery and enables the gossamers to be even finer. The factory-made items are very beautiful whilst more affordable, however they may not match the unique nature of the handmade shawls. More information about the history of such shawls is provided in the “History of Orenburg shawls”.

To hand-knit a shawl involves a number of difficult operations: to clean the down, comb (card) it several times, using a spindle to untangle and 'rove' the threads and to combine the down with the foundation threads, to clew and then knit them, and finally to clean the finished product. About 260 hours are needed for a knitter to produce a single warm downy Orenburg shawl, and about 200 hours to produce a gossamer one.

Pavlovo Posad shawls

Today Pavlovo Posad shawls are very popular with modern women. In winter they can feel cozy and warm, whilst still drawing the attention of men and women alike. In our shop you will find shawls in many different colours, patterns and sizes. All Pavlovo Posad shawls are machine knitted. More information can be found in “How Pavlovo Posad shawls are made”.

We currently sell two sizes of shawl:

  • Woollen shawls 89 x 89 cm,
  • Woollen shawls 125 x 125 cm.
  • Woolen shawls 146 to 146 cm
  • Silk scarves and shawls

You may order any shawl from our site and collect it in person, or request delivery by courier.

Shawls from the ancient city of Pavlovo Posad take a special place amongst those unique items which are the pride and glory of our country, and are popular worldwide. Each year, our range includes over 400 types of headscarves, shawls, scarves and wraps made from natural materials, the ones most in demand being those in wool, cotton and silk.

Regardless of the vagaries of fashion, with its multiple trends, Pavlovo Posad shawls have been popular for over 200 years. Today, even famous designers look to our traditional national style in order to use Pavlovo Posad patterns and motifs that reflect the Russian way of life.


Bright, tasselled, floral shawls from Pavlovo Posad are symbolic Russian items, just like Matryoshka dolls, samovars or Khokhloma paintings. The first craftsmen embroidered shawls manually, depicting household objects and ways of life as well as the beauty and delicacy of the surrounding natural world. Later, Eastern ornamentation started to appear.

At the end of the 18th century, the Guchkov factory in Moscow developed the first automated production lines for making the shawls, and extended the range of patterns. As the variety of patterns increased, so did the demand for such products.

Soon, awareness of Pavlovo Posad shawls became more widespread outside our country and the shawls were highly sought-after. Being very expensive, these shawls were the prerogative of women from well- off families.

Recognisability - the key to popularity

Pavlovo Posad shawls are readily recognised by their bright floral patterns or floral motifs, which can contain more than 20 colours. This enables them to display the beauty and harmony of the designs, which include lush wild and garden flowers, plant garlands, oriental ornamentation, and other decorative patterns. For advice on selecting a shawl, please see “How to choose the right Pavlovo Posad shawl".

Black, red, green, blue and burgundy are often used for the background and the main pattern colours. These may be combined, but, more often, play on their contrast. The printed floral patterns of the shawls are arranged symmetrically about the centre.

Once, a shawl was a necessary attribute of every Russian woman. This undeservedly forgotten tradition has recently made a return and, nowadays, bright shawls are being worn over coats or blouses, both during the week and at weekends. For any true lady who wants to follow the latest trends in the world of fashion, and who respects Russian style, Pavlovo Posad shawls are 'must-haves'.